A Beard Makes You Seem More Masculine

A Beard Makes You Seem More Masculine

A Beard Makes You Seem More Masculine

A A Beard Makes You Seem More Masculine a man’s face in a way that adds to his overall appeal. It’s a classic look that most men prefer and it goes well with many types of suits or business attire. A beard also helps you maintain a healthier complexion and keeps the dirt, allergens and germs from your skin’s surface, keeping your face clean and healthy.

Women are attracted to a man’s beard as it’s often seen as an indication of masculinity and aggression. According to a study covered by ZME Science, when photographs of men with varying facial hair were shown to a group of women, they were found to rate the bearded men as more aggressive and dominant, qualities that are desirable in a partner.

The Masculine Appeal: How a Beard Enhances Your Manly Aura

It’s believed that this is due to the fact that when a beard grows, it shows the wearer’s willingness to stand up for what they believe in and to defend themselves against any threat. The decision to grow a beard also proves that the man is not afraid to take risks and show his tough side.

Women are also drawn to the idea that a man with a beard is stable and will be able to care for a family should they be in a long-term relationship. This could be because the male’s desire to show he is an alpha male may lead to his seeking out women who are interested in having children.

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