Diesel Performance Tuning Sydney

diesel performance tuning sydney

If you’ve diesel tuners sydney your vehicle has lost power over time, it is no longer as responsive when accelerating or it put out the dreaded check engine light; it’s probably time to get your diesel performance tuning sydney done. This will increase the power and torque of your vehicle allowing for quicker response, improved fuel efficiency and less strain on your engine.

Unlike petrol engines, diesel vehicles have a lot more torque than horsepower and are much more efficient when they’re working hard. This is why they’re often the preferred option for big equipment and trucks. However, they can also be used in cars. When you’re looking to upgrade your diesel performance tuning sydney, look for a specialist who knows how to calibrate the engine and transmission computers. It’s also best to go with a company that has extensive experience with the type of diesel engine you have in your vehicle.

Diesel Shop 101: Exploring Services and Expertise Offered by Diesel Repair Shops

You’ll find many ecu tunes available online and in stores that promise huge diesel power gains. They are usually plug-in devices that connect to the common rail pressure sensor and ‘pump up’ the signal to trick the sensors into thinking your engine is running leaner, which allows more fuel into the system for a bigger boost. However, they are not accurate and will cause more damage to your engine in the long run. You’ll be better off with a full remap performed by a reputable technician like Willys.

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