How to Be a Social Entrepreneur

social entreprenuers

In their mission to improve society, social entrepreneurs try to change existing systems and practices. They aim to make their solutions more accessible to people, and they aim to create new, sustainable and fair practices. Among the most famous social entrepreneurs, Vinobha Bhave, one of the most prominent figures in modern Indian history, is a good example. She founded the Land gift movement, which aimed to allocate land to untouchables. More info – Craig Kielburger

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In order to be successful, social entrepreneurs must have strong passion and impatience for their work. They must be able to come up with practical and innovative solutions to social problems. They must also be able to break free from the confines of a particular discipline, and be willing to take risks others are too afraid to attempt. But these traits do not come easy. For success, social entrepreneurs must have passion and a healthy sense of impatience.

As with any other business, there are pitfalls to the social entrepreneur’s business. However, there are some ways to avoid them. If you’re a social entrepreneur, make sure you carefully assess the market and understand the competition. Often, social entrepreneurs have a tribe mentality, and will be happy to talk to anyone who might doubt their business idea. They will be more than happy to share their success story with you.

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