How to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Toronto Ontario

As cannabis becomes legal in Canada, many are predicting that psychedelics like how to buy magic mushrooms in Toronto Ontario will follow suit. But, as of now, the production, sale and possession of fungi that contain psilocybin remain illegal in most contexts.

What’s so special about mushrooms?

That didn’t stop Fun Guyz from opening a new Montreal location on Tuesday, risking police raids and the possibility that their employees could be arrested. The store is part of a larger Canadian chain that sells magic mushrooms, a type of fungi that contain psilocybin. The mushroom is a hallucinogen that can cause altered perception, intense emotions and visions. The group’s founder, Christian Larsen, isn’t afraid of the legal risks of operating an illegal drug store. He has already run several illegal weed dispensaries and embarked on a campaign where he gave away 5 million marijuana seeds across the country.

He’s also run a number of psychedelic trips for clients, who are looking to go deeper and further than traditional psychotherapy or medication can offer. He says that pairing therapy with a psychedelic trip can help people deal with life’s problems faster and more effectively.

While the Toronto store is a bit of a novelty, it’s easy to see why people are excited about its opening. The tiny shop is almost always packed with customers eager to purchase their magic mushrooms. They can choose from a selection of different mushroom strains including the popular Psilocybe cubensis variety like Golden Teacher and Blue Meanie.

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