How to Verify Global Phone Numbers

In a world where verify global phone numbers are the norm, businesses want to know that their customers’ contact information is valid and up to date. Not only does verifying phone numbers enhance customer experience, it can also save money by avoiding sending messages to wrong or outdated phone numbers. This is particularly important for companies with international operations where a single wrong phone number can have serious consequences for the business.

Formats for phone numbers vary from country to country, and even within countries there are different formats. So, it’s hard to automate a process that validates phone numbers for all regions without using a solution that takes these variations into account. This is where phone validation APIs come in handy. They take the pain out of verifying global phone numbers by allowing businesses to easily code their web forms, ecommerce orders, or internal data entry into a standard format that works across all countries.

Global Outreach, Local Assurance: Strategies for Verifying Phone Numbers Worldwide

SMS Connexion’s Phone Validator API is a comprehensive phone verification service that covers 190+ countries and includes a full range of advanced validation features, including line type (landline, cell phone or VOIP), network operator recognition and Unicode to GSM conversion to detect non-GSM characters. It provides a fast and reliable service that eliminates the need to distinguish between country or carrier-specific guidelines and can also help with compliance by ensuring that only verified numbers are sent text messages to.

A free trial is available so you can test out the API yourself and get started with 100 validation credits. To find out more about how to verify global phone numbers, contact us here.

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