Long Lead Ropes For Horses

If your horse is a bit wild or naughty, having a long lead rope in hand is an easy way to help get control of them. However, choosing a quality long lead rope that is safe for the handler is essential to avoid injury if your horse suddenly spooks or pulls out of control. Read more https://www.ravenox.com/products/fms-horse-tack-8-foot-1-inch-twisted-cotton-rope-horse-lead-brass-rope-clamp-and-bolt-snap-or-nickel-plated-bull-snap

Many people are familiar with nylon lead ropes and have tried them out on their horses, but have you ever considered a longer length of a lead rope? These lead ropes are great for training a horse and can be used for lunging, tying and leading exercises. They are also ideal for ground work with young horses and are often used by trainers as a part of their respect and lunge training.

Built to Last: Choosing the Ultimate Heavy-Duty Horse Lead Rope for Durability and Control

These longer leads are spliced from marine grade yachting rope specifically designed for use with equine applications, making them extremely strong and durable. They have a good feel to them and are lightweight enough that they do not put a lot of strain on the handlers’ hands.

A long lead rope allows a handler to hold the majority of the excess line in their right hand, while leaving their left hand free to grab on to their horse’s halter or bridle for additional control. Wrapping or coiling the lead rope around a handler’s hand is dangerous and can cause severe injury if a horse suddenly spooks or pulls. A good rule of thumb is to have the extra lead line lay in back-and-forth loops, rather than coiled tightly or wrapped around the hand.

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