The AS-500 Ozone Meter

Designed for monitoring ozone meter (O3) gas levels near small ozone generators, this ozone meter provides reliable readings of 0-20 ppm. It has a high-quality electrochemical sensor and is FACTORY-CALIBRATED. Its graphical display turns green when the ozone level is below the safe limit. Yellow indicates caution, and red warns of danger. It also features a built-in rechargeable battery and a USB interface for easy data transfer. It meets all safety standards, including ATEX and UL.

Identifying Hazards: The Vital Role of Ozone Detectors

It features a simple and quick calibration, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It also comes with a OG-3 ozone source calibrator to facilitate a quick, approximate calibration.

Our ozone meter is very accurate and responds to ozone within 10 seconds of it reaching the sensor. It is ideal for odor control and disinfection in bars and restaurants, hotels, water bottlers, photocopy centers, research projects, and fumigation. It also offers a programmable alarm and can output a 4-20 mA current that can be connected to a data logger or other devices.

Unlike some other dissolved ozone monitors, the AS-500 has a rugged no-nonsense sensor probe that can be installed directly into water piping and operate reliably without being sensitive to changes in pressure or flow. It also doesn’t need to be wiped clean and has a long lifespan with the only maintenance required being a replacement membrane and electrolyte solution. This ozone meter is the most affordable of its kind and is made in the USA.

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