What Is a Topographic Survey?

topographic survey in Tulsa

Whether you are constructing a new home or road, a topographic survey in Tulsa  is necessary for accurate and safe construction. The two most common types of surveys are boundary and topographic. A topographic survey in Tulsa is conducted to establish the height of a property, as well as locate its natural and artificial physical features and structures.

A topographic survey is also used for engineering purposes, including road design and bridge design. It can help you avoid expensive excavation work by identifying areas where the land dips or rises. It can also be useful in addressing drainage issues.

Mastering the Lay of the Land: Topographic Surveys in Tulsa Demystified

A Tulsa topographic survey is a detailed map that shows all surface features, both natural and man-made. It includes contour lines, magnetic north declination, roads and city streets, railroads, pipelines, fences, bodies of water, trees, buildings and cemeteries. The United States Geological Survey, or USGS, publishes these maps.

Land surveying is a complex process, and you want to be sure you hire the right professional for your project. A good land surveyor will discuss your project and ensure that the correct topographic survey is performed to meet your needs.

A topographical survey can be used in conjunction with boundary surveys and for site planning, subdivisions and estate planning. This type of survey is essential for building construction, evaluating the location and size of existing structures and structures, and determining flood plains. It is often required by local governments before many projects can be started.

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