What Is Kitchen Extractor Cleaner?

Kitchen extractor cleaner is a chemical that is used to loosen grease and dirt from surfaces within commercial cooking facilities such as restaurants, care homes, and cafes. Typically, the chemicals are applied to a surface using a sponge and then rinsed off with hot water. The cleaner is particularly useful for cleaning cooker hood filters, fan blades, and the ductwork of an extraction system, as well as the splashbacks.Check this out :kitchenextractioncleaning.uk

Kitchen extraction systems are a vital part of any commercial kitchen, as they help to ventilate smoke, steam, unpleasant smells and cooking grease away from the work area. Unfortunately, the ductwork and fans become blocked with grease deposits over time which prevents them from working to their full potential. This can result in poor airflow, health and safety risks and unwanted odours.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Extractor: Tips and Techniques

As a commercial property owner or manager, you should ensure that kitchen extraction systems are regularly cleaned. This is not only to reduce the risk of fires but also to maintain high hygiene standards and protect the reputation of your business.

Grease deposits in ductwork can easily ignite and spread, resulting in fires within your restaurant or commercial kitchen. This is why it is essential to have your kitchen extraction ducting and fan regularly cleaned by trained professionals.

At VSS, we work with a number of clients to carry out regular professional kitchen extractor cleaning. We are experts in the field, completing kitchen ducting cleaning across commercial properties such as restaurants and care homes and offering comprehensive reporting and certification.

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