Choosing the Type of Commercial Espresso Machine to Use

commercial espresso machine used

Whether you’re commercial espresso machine used, lattes, or flat whites, a commercial espresso machine will ensure high-quality milk-based beverages for your customers. By considering your business’s needs, you can find the perfect espresso machine for your establishment. In addition to ensuring quality, a well-functioning commercial coffee maker will keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Consider how much your establishment serves per day when choosing the type of commercial espresso machine to use. If your coffee shop is expecting a moderate amount of traffic, a two-group espresso machine will be enough to handle your peak times. On the other hand, if you anticipate high volumes of traffic, a four-group espresso machine will be able to produce more than 120 drinks per hour.

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Aesthetics also play a role in choosing a commercial espresso machine. For example, if you’re selecting a machine for a restaurant that offers a variety of specialty coffees, a visually appealing machine can help to create a memorable experience for customers. Additionally, a chrome-finished machine is easy to clean and blends in well with various interior designs.

Other features to consider when choosing a commercial espresso machine include a sight glass and steam pressure gauge. The sight glass will indicate the water level in the boiler while the steam pressure gauge will allow you to monitor and adjust the water temperature and pressure throughout brewing and steaming. Lastly, you should look for an NSF-certified commercial espresso machine, which will meet strict sanitation and performance standards.

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